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Sagacious Airedales take homeopathic nosodes for heartworm, kennel cough, parvo and distemper.

There is controversy among homeopathic veterinarians whether or not nosodes for parvo, distemper and kennel cough should be given.  Some say yes, and they can't agree on the frequency, and others say no.  The only controversy regarding the heartworm nosode is that it may not work.  

Vaccinations, especially the bundled vaccinations, are an assault on the immune system.  Vaccines are not 100% effective.  I firmly believe that the bundled annual vaccinations and even the new protocol cited by the majority of the veterinary colleges of every three years is too much.  I believe these vaccinations result in the early deaths of our companion animals from cancer and autoimmune problems.  They cause reactions from limping to hot spots to liver disease to kidney disease to thyroid problems, to urinary tract infections, to heart problems to name a few.  These reactions do not have to be immediate or even within 24 hours.  The reactions can show up months after the vaccinations are given.  Also the vaccine dosage is usually not weight adjusted.  The same amount is given to a Yorkshire Terrier as is given to a St. Bernard.  

Purdue University is conducting research into the vaccination issue at the request of some Great Dane breeders.  They are three years into the five year study and they have already concluded that those dogs that have had little or no vaccinations are the healthiest.  

I am hoping the time comes when state health departments will realize that the human population can be safe if only one or two rabies vaccinations are given.  I believe the excess rabies vaccinations are the cause of a lot of aggressiveness and sound phobias we are now seeing in dogs.  

If your comfort level is that you feel you must vaccinate your companion animal, please request that only a single antigen be given at a time.  So if you follow the new three year protocol, one year give parvo, the next year distemper, the next year kennel cough.  Never give rabies at the same time any other vaccination is given.  Vaccinations should only be given to healthy animals.  Do not vaccinate at the same time that any surgery may be scheduled.  

If your dog or cat has had several years of annual vaccinations there is a blood test called titers which will show the antibody level in the blood to a particular vaccine.  If you use homeopathic nosodes, titers will not show an antibody level.  

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