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(s-g-shs), (of animals)
 keen-scented; hence discerning sensible; keen-witted; shrewdly intelligent
otherwise known as AIREDALE

Puppy Twins

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract or American Kennel Club's Limited Registration.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies are to be returned to the breeder if the new owner can no longer care for it.  

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies are bred to conform with the breed standard.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies come from x-rayed parents.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies are monitored for each individual's behavior patterns.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppies are placed according to the personality requirements of the buyer.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppy buyers are familiarized as to the special personality and needs of their puppy.  They are given total support in the feeding of a raw diet and the giving of nosodes.

  • Sagacious Airedale puppy buyers will be required to fill out an Adoption Application and to make a deposit to reserve a puppy.  

  • Email for more information and/or an Adoption Application.  You may also download from the link on the left for and Adoption Applicaton.

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