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(s-g-shs), (of animals)
 keen-scented; hence discerning sensible; keen-witted; shrewdly intelligent
otherwise known as AIREDALE


Another Generation of
Naturally Reared Airedale Terriers

5 Boys and 5 Girls
Whelped August 20, 2003

Heart Jr. Sire:

Tartan Scottshire Heartbreak
"Heart Jr."

Danielle Dam:

Sagacious C'est La Charme Fatale

The first breeding from this combination was so nice I decided to do it again.  The six pictures below are of the first litter taken at 8 weeks.

   See Pedigree

Miss Pink - Charlize
Miss Pink - "Charlize"
Master Blue
Master Blue
Miss Green
Miss Green
Miss Purple
Miss Purple
Miss Red
Miss Red
Miss White
Miss White
Current Litter

August 2003 Litter


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